Does Abortion Cause Breast Cancer?

abortion linked to breast cancer

Many experts believe that there is a big link between abortion and breast cancer risk, but what is the real score? Is it true that abortion cause breast cancer?

The association of abortion to breast cancer has been the subject of extensive research for a very long time. There has been a great deal of controversy regarding this topic, especially because of the pro-life vs. pro-choice debate that’s been going on. The pro-life side believes that researchers ignore the potential link of abortion to breast cancer in an effort to protect abortion access.

Research carried out by different scientists and medical experts provided contradicting views on this matter. Some studies suggest there was no increase in risk of breast cancer among women who have had an abortion, whilst other studies suggests otherwise.

The NCI (National Cancer Institute) says that based on their extensive research, evidence overall still does not support abortion as a cause of breast cancer. They do not believe that a link can currently be proven and deny that there is a connection.

Other scientists and medical experts on the other hand disagree and have been conducting a research on their own. The data they say they have regarding the increased risk of breast cancer from studies made around the world is compelling enough to show the association between the two.

Breast cancer is related to reproductive experiences and women’s risk for some types of breast cancer is related to the levels of certain hormones in their body which can be affected by a number of things. A woman having a full-term pregnancy in her younger years can protect her against breast cancer, but women who have more periods over their lifetime have a slightly higher risk of developing breast cancer. Some studies also showed that breastfeeding may reduce a woman’s risk of developing the disease.

The reliability of these studies led to more questions as the continuing debate goes until today. More studies will be conducted and we’ll definitely hear more about it in the coming years, and hopefully this time, they can agree and arrive at the same conclusion for the benefit of the women all over the world.

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