Do You Want To Build a Snow Dick Video Goes Viral

You know that tune that drives any parent with daughters crazy? Yep, Frozen’s “Do You Want To Build a Snowman” has already been parodied by the adult world with the Breaking Bad-themed Do You Want To Build a Meth Lab but that’s not enough for some. Now a pair of Sydney comedians have launched their own version, Do You Want To Build a Snow Dick and not only has the video gone viral, people are getting out among the trend and making gigantic snow dicks wherever they find a nice clump of snow to “erect” their stiff statuettes.

Comedians Jordan Raskopoulos, Lee Naimo and Benny Davis, who call themselves The Axis of Awesome have created the kind of humour perfect to launch their careers in big chill USA, if not across the Northern Hemisphere, right in time for Christmas! Snow Dicks are appearing in New York State, Washington, Canada and some even in Norway, Sweden and Germany. The Russians, needing a laugh after a horror detente in the Ukraine, are working together on making the world’s biggest snow dick, and it’s all happening under the reign of hashtags such as #snowdickvideo #snowdick #doyouwanttomakeasnowdick and of course the inevitable plural #snowdicks.

Feminists rather than getting up in arms are said to be venturing into various snowfields to counter the patriarchal phallic symbology with their own versions so expect anytime soon to see hashtags exploding over Twitter and Instagram such as #snowvulva #snowpussy #snowvagina #snowclitoris (pretty easy to make this one) #snowpussyvideo and various other assortments. We can’t wait!

In Sydney where the video was created, frustrated by the lack of a #WhiteChristmas to join in the fun, the BBQ community are looking into their own versions of chicken-flesh-oriented #whitesausage gourmet delights.