Drugs, Sex and Death in Sydney among the Lost Souls of Elite Males

Elite males all over the world are highly regarded. They gain a lot of respect and admiration from people – others even wish to be in their shoes. But is there alll-too-frequently an inexplicable dark side to these opulent souls?

Time and again, we see news being aired about scandals of some of the rich and famous men with dirty little secrets, some end up being not-so-little. Those stories substantiate the theory that money and power can shadow drugs, sex, corruption, even violence and death.

A few years ago Suresh Nair, a Sydney neurosurgeon, was imprisoned in connection with the deaths of two high class escorts. They died 9 months apart from cocaine overdoses believed to be caused by a series of drug-fuelled sex orgies with the disgraced surgeon. Might you have considered a respected doctor doing such things? It may have been expected from gangsters, lawyers or politicians … but from a practicing doctor?

Since rich and famous men usually can get what they want, one wouldn’t think they’d resort to something as ironic as paying for sex. Why would they when women are practically throwing themselves at them? Well, besides the fact that they can, rich and powerful men pay for sex because of the anonymity, discretion, plus there’s no strings attached – no emotions, just sex and straight to the point. When you pay for sex, you are the boss. Sex workers are likely to do what they’re told and show willingness to please giving their clients the power to dominate and control them into doing whatever they desire.

We may assume that people have a dark side but where does it stem from? There could be a lot of reasons – abused childhood, mental illness, drug related, etc. But generally, being rich gives men like Suresh the feeling of security – they can buy almost everything and they can get away with anything. As cliche as it may sound, money so often turns out to be the root of all evil.

Paying for sex has long been considered as an inexorable behaviour among men. In fact, prostitution is legal in Sydney and much of Australia and there’s an increasing social acceptance regarding this subject. It’s big business and proof of this are the hundreds of erotic massage parlours and brothels in Sydney sprouting like mushrooms inn the dark. The four corners of every room of these establishments have been witness to behaviours relating to sexual aberrance in men who solicit prostitutes to explore the darker underbellies of their psyches.

Reality is most men of all races and backgrounds, at one point or another, have thought of or have hired a prostitute. Wealthier men though have greater means and are much capable than others of hiring hookers anytime they like – as a habit. The elite enjoy a huge wealth advantage and can behave like tyrants, elevating and maintaining control while exploring and exaggerating their dark sides – with the added thrills which illicit activities bring pushing some over the edge into criminal activities just for the rush of them.

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