Erotic Art


Erotic art is expressed through paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, film, writing and music. Generally, erotic art is an expression depicting the human form and scenes of sexual activity. It’s an engaging art – one that stimulates our aesthetic sense – one which also elicits sexual feelings or desires, but is not the main goal or point since the intent is focused on the appreciation and the illustration of the art itself.

Human anatomy and sexuality in different contexts is what erotic art portrays. It pursues to tell a story with sexual subjects and evocative metaphors with the purpose of exploring an individual’s desire, sexuality and passion through artistic expressions. Every piece has layers of significance which the audience can relate to in different levels, not necessarily sexual but connecting to its alternative messages. It’s an art done in portraying the human sexuality, to explore the senses.

Erotic art is a subjective matter as views of what erotic is and what art is are varied – wherein one’s perception differs from another. There is a distinction between erotic art and pornography, and the difference may be established with the objective and the message. Pornography does not reward artistic interest and its main objective is sexual pleasure. Unlike pornography, erotic art is not exclusively intended to evoke erotic arousal or carnal appetites, but are pieces of art, captivating formal elements of art, the illustration of human form and physical intimacy.

Throughout history, erotic art has been associated with pornography and has come up against protests, but today it is much more accepted and recognized since the society broadened its view of what can be considered as art. More and more people are now acknowledging and appreciating the beauty of nudity, sexually themed art and erotic images. As a result, Erotic artists who express themselves and promote the sensual art of erotica flourish in this modern day.