Erotic Massage

What is Erotic Massage?

Erotic massage is widely available in Sydney and other Australian cities and towns, and is generally aimed at the budget-conscious man seeking sexual relief usually provided by hand.

Essentially there are four levels of sexual services on offer in most Australian cities and small towns – and they are:

Elite Escorts – an experience of finery for the discerning and generally wealthy executive male. Usual price-range from $500 to $1200 per hour with the most frequent price-point being about $700 per hour.

Brothels – offering a selection of ladies usually presented to the buyer pre-session to choose which lady he prefers. General price range between $160 to $240 per hour. Most dense proliferation in Surry Hills where there appears to be a brothel pretty well on every block.

Body on Body Massage – also known as body to body massage, this niche category has spawned a number of venues which offer this service – an oil massage performed by the lady with her body upon the body of the client. General price range $130 to $200 per hour. Sexual relief expected as part of the service.

Erotic Massage – often referred to colloquially as “rub ‘n tug”, is a thriving category – clients pay usually $50 up-front for an hour massage, but then are offered ‘hand relief’ or a ‘happy ending’ in the room which usually costs between $20-50 paid to the provider at the end of the session.

What Happens in an Erotic Massage?

Usually upon arrival, the customer is immediately assigned the next-in-line available ‘girl’. There is rarely any offering of selection. As a customer, you’re seeking budget-priced sexual relief and therefore you get whichever girl is due next.

It’s expected that once in the massage room, you remove all clothing and lie face-down on the massage bed. The better places will place a couple of tissues on the sheet around the groin area as a standard – however a lot of places don’t do this so to avoid the risk of catching any sexually transmitted infection it’s recommended you take your own tissues or make use of the tissue box supplied in the room.

Erotic Massage will involve oil and generally these girls give a very good, in fact often excellent massage – sometimes as a guy you’d rather just go for a massage only because it’s a more personal and caring service than a lot of conventional massage-only places such as those found in shopping centres.

Often the erotic massage provider will not mention anything about an additional service until quite late in the experience – the more demure girls may fail to bring the subject up at all – while others may mention it at the start of the session – it is possible to refuse the extras and simply pay $50 for the erotic massage – however of course most men are there for the extras!

Most common extras tend to be an agreed $20 for the hand relief – or $30 may be offered as including the hand relief with the customer allowed to touch the woman’s breasts, either with or without her bra removed. The more attractive girls often go for a $50 extra that may or may not include the removal of some if not all clothing.

While most erotic massage venues in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane stay within the realms of hand relief, of course it’s inevitable that some girls may offer sexual services such as a blow job with a condom on, eating pussy or even full service – it’s recommended you wear a condom – don’t be tempted by the lure of unsafe sex as you’ll regret it afterwards.

For the budget-conscious male, these hand relief experiences can be an enjoyable diversion from the stresses of life. However the venues are pretty much never glamorous – and often they’re not particularly clean either. Generally they’re located in run down areas of the city, but most provide the convenience of a moderately discreet back entrance so you’re not observable walking in or out on the high street.

It should be stated that erotic massage is totally separate to the professional therapeutic massage industry and should not be mistaken as such by customers who should show respect to professional massage therapists and not confuse the two fields.

Life of an Erotic Massage therapist

Most erotic massage venues operate from the hours of 10am to 8pm, so this is not a career for anyone looking for short hours.

Working in small, dimly-lit rooms is also not an ideal location for many people.

However for many immigrants, those long hours can add up into a moderately lucrative career choice for a decade or two – many get so used to the work, and the long hours negate the development of any other vocational skills, they they keep doing this work into middle age – in many cases they accrue small fortunes which are diligently ploughed into property – so it’s quite common for women in the erotic massage industry to end up owning two or three properties over a 10-20-year period.

Very often they also have husbands who accept their working in the sex industry because of the relatively harmless nature of providing hand relief – the wife has become a cash cow giving life in the city a significant financial boost over many years.

Erotic massage is a bit seedy, a bit lowbrow, a bit grimy and a bit emotionally disconnected. But providing the woman washes her hands well between clients, and providing they put some sort of tissue on the bed around the genital area, it’s in many respects a safer form of extramarital sexual interaction than having a full-blown illicit affair. The smart woman will turn a blind eye to her partner visiting such massage parlours.

Whether you are looking for an erotic massage in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin, or Perth, you should be able to find a practitioner that suits your needs.