Escorts Work vs Brothel Jobs: Which Is Better?

As the workforce becomes ever more flexible, with contract jobs now much more the norm and jobs-for-life disappearing even from the most barnacled-on government gigs, Australia’s worried workforce is faced with much more ominous working precariousness than ever before.

Occasionally however new opportunities arise out of the ashes, and a savvy skilled up worker can sometimes find they get picked up and flown around the country, all living expenses paid, for 3-6-month contracts which enable them to meet wider arrays of people than they would ever have done in a boring 9-5 job – for some people the world is not so much their oyster, as there are oysters everywhere.

And so it turns out that, when money gets tight, and a change of scene becomes far more enticing, this opportunities created from challenges are equally the case in the adult industry.

Recently some Sydney-based brothels have espied the value of recruiting their escorts or sex workers from various other cities around Australia.

They package up a 3-month working opportunity which includes accommodation and which enables the right candidate to fly in from Perth, Adelaide or Brisbane and work long shifts up to six days per week.

In those three months very often a woman can earn more than she will earn in a year in a backwater office or retail job getting nowhere, just stuck in an employment rut receiving enough to survive on, but nothing to plan a future upon.

A three-month booster can do wonders for not just the wallet but for a woman’s energy levels, trading in the electric realm of human sexuality for a substantial payoff. Money is energy, the new agers say, and certainly it can ignite a more optimistic phase of life.

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A lady can tell her small-town friends and family she’s picked up a job as a lawyer’s personal assistant, just for three months, and the discreet nature of these employers, being also located thousands of kilometres from her home town, means everyone is none-the-wiser.

Often earning $1000-2000 per day, which in most people’s language equates to more than most young people earn in a week, a woman who chooses to temporarily move to another city to work as an escort or in-brothel prostitute might be doing it for more than just because she’s in financial dire straits.

Women are sexual beings too, right? Some women enjoy the sexual adventurousness of this kind of work. They get a secret thrill from seeing men succumb to their wombly wiles, watching men blush and pant as they reach orgasm, turned on by their feminine flair. It’s not a crime to say such things, right? Indeed in many states of Australia, thanks to somewhat enlightened laws regarding adult work, it isn’t a crime at all.

So – which is better? Working in a brothel provides some level of safety in numbers, a security system with surveillance cameras, competent management and often caring customers who may be there for sexual exploration and relief but very often are there for companionship, someone to talk to, someone to hold them, hug them, massage them and make them feel valued.

Working as an escort can seem a more risky opportunity, but it helps if you have a driver who understands his or her role is to be security, not just to drive you around. Escort work tends to suit women who want to see the sights of the city, but not just do the cliche Sydney stuff of checking out the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Escort work is great for women who want to see inside people’s lives, to discover the mindsets, personalities and lifestyles of Sydney men at their most intimate – in their own homes.

One thing about New South Wales prostitution laws is they’re generally superior even to Melbourne regulations, so a working girl, if she does decent research, can find out which are the best employers. The right candidate can find herself starting these lucrative jobs immediately. If you have a positive attitude, a sexy disposition, like people (liking men helps) and of course if you have reasonably good talent in the looks department, you can get a job where the hours are as astronomical as you want them to be. Looks of course aren’t everything and a zany, likeable personality can be a huge factor in having a very successful temporary or even semi-permanent career helping men achieve what they often most like to achieve – a healthy and complete orgasm!

You can even end up working in a place where the receptionist has been there for 30 years and looks and sounds like your Aunt Beryl so you feel right at home. Where the owners treat staff and customers with absolute respect and discretion, and where you can choose to mix it up between in-house brothel work and escort out-calls so you get the best of both worlds – the sisterly community within the brothel and the outdoors see-the-city option of escorting.

Of course some girls take it further – they’re a pleasure to be around, inside or outside, but they’re also smartly focussed on the dollar. At first it might translate into a fascination for cocktail dresses, outlandishly expensive high heeled shoes, glasses of champagne, even a sporty car, but eventually many women decide saving the money and buying a first apartment or house, and then a second, third or fourth one, becomes an irresistible lure.

With safe sex now the norm in Sydney’s sex industry, it’s possible to retain excellent health, look after yourself really well, be groomed and gorgeous, and to stay away from alcohol, drugs and bad men. It’s generally considered by women who have been in the industry a long time that the vast majority of men are deeply grateful that such sexual services legally exist and that there are attractive ladies willing to give them sexual pleasure, for appropriate fees, in an allowed time-frame, no commitment required. As a lot of men comment, going to a prostitute once or twice a week is often a cheaper lifestyle choice than being caught up with a high-maintenance wife or girlfriend.

If you feel suitable for brothel work or escort jobs then you can SMS Annie on 0409 249 323 to discuss terms and conditions and if a quality Sydney establishment might be the right place for you.