New Gender Options on Facebook

50 New Gender Options on Facebook

The social media giant Facebook has made a major change with the addition of the new custom gender option, a feature with approximately 54 different gender identities.

You no longer have to identify yourself only as male or female or hide it altogether. You now have the ability to set your gender outside the binary male or female choices. Now you can express yourself with a choice more reflective of who you really are.

With the new gender options on Facebook, users now have various choices to present their gender identity to their Facebook friends in the same manner they present themselves in the real world.

Aside from identity, you can now also choose 3 possible pronouns Facebook uses when referring to you – male (he/his), female (she/her) or neutral (they/their/them).

This new feature aims to give more people additional choices in how they describe their true selves. It is also a major step towards acceptance and recognition of the diversity of gender identities we have today.

Facebook’s move came after years of petitions and lobbying from users who wanted change, and to them this is a welcome change.

Facebook worked with a group of leading LGBT advocacy organizations which contributed in the extensive list of gender identities that many people use to describe themselves.

Update Your Gender Settings:

  1. Go to your Facebook profile and choose Edit Profile.
  2. Scroll down to the Basic Information Setting and click Edit and it will show you a gender option.
  3. Click the pull down menu and select Custom.
  4. Pick your gender choice and pick a pronoun.
  5. Save.

With the new gender options for Facebook users, now there are more than dozens of terms to choose from. There are more than fifty interesting terms that a majority of people have probably never even heard of and here they are:

  1. Agender
  2. Androgyne
  3. Androgynous
  4. Bigender
  5. Cis
  6. Cis Female
  7. Cis Male
  8. Cis Man
  9. Cis Woman
  10. Cisgender
  11. Cisgender Female
  12. Cisgender Male
  13. Cisgender Man
  14. Cisgender Woman
  15. Female to Male
  16. FTM
  17. Gender Fluid
  18. Gender Nonconforming
  19. Gender Questioning
  20. Gender Variant
  21. Genderqueer
  22. Intersex
  23. Male to Female
  24. MTF
  25. Neither
  26. Neutrois
  27. Non-binary
  28. Other
  29. Pangender
  30. Trans
  31. Trans Female
  32. Trans Male
  33. Trans Man
  34. Trans Person
  35. Trans Woman
  36. Trans(asterisk)
  37. Trans(asterisk)Female
  38. Trans(asterisk)Male
  39. Trans(asterisk)Man
  40. Trans(asterisk)Person
  41. Trans(asterisk)Woman
  42. Transexual
  43. Transexual Female
  44. Transexual Male
  45. Transexual Man
  46. Transexual Person
  47. Transexual Woman
  48. Transgender Female
  49. Transgender Male
  50. Transgender Man
  51. Transgender Person
  52. Transgender Woman
  53. Transmasculine
  54. Two-spirit