My Playmate – A New Escorts Directory for Australia

In ancient Phoenician temples, women practiced prostitution in the service of religion believing that by this conduct they appeased the goddess and won her favour.

It seems the prostitute goddess has found her followers once more here in the 21st century as those with the bravado, skill-set, beauty and panache now earn between $500 and $1000 an hour playing the role of high priestess of sexuality for willing executive males who can afford the pleasure of their company.

Empowered, independent escorts are running their own operations, relying on glamorous model-looks to attract paying suitors who prefer to connect with the escort directly and hook up, rather than risk their personal brands by being seen to sneak in and out of brothels oir massage parlours.

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My Playmate’s pages are filling up fast as literally thousands of attractive young women reject the meagre-salary exploitation of fast-food joints and supermarket check-out chick ‘careers’ and opt instead for a life of sexiness, glamour and erotic adventures.

Australia’s relatively liberal laws regarding escort work mean that, unlike in the UK and USA where jail-time can be a nasty come-uppance, here young Sydney-based ladies such as Erika, Julia and Mariah can enjoy all the benefits that hedonistic freedoms provide.

So confident in their beauty and allure are these contemporary urban goddesses that most of them are also active on twitter – indeed they’re one of four identifiable groups who haven’t totally deserted twitter for instagram – the others being celebrities, journalists and writers (writers prefer words after all).

In the case of Erika, a Czech beauty based in Sydney, the escorts are comfortably brazen with their sales message – “I have a passion for yoga which keeps my body lean, perfectly toned and very, very flexible. This allows me to provide my clients with sexual maneuvers and positions you had previously only ever heard about on the internet.”

With Facebook having recently upgraded its gender options to up to 50 options, My Playmate, while dominated by females, also offers a number of transgender and transexual escorts such as 22-year-old Kera from Kangaroo Point in Queensland, while a trend very much on the up is the emergence of many exquisite male escorts for ladies such as the uber-toned 26-year-old Chase King from Sydney. With women executives increasingly cracking the glass ceiling, it’s only rational that very financial executive women will sometimes want the kind of doting, horny attention only money can buy.

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