Polyamory – What Is It?

Polyamory-what-is-itThe word “polyamory” or ethical, consensual and responsible non-monogamy comes from the Greek word “poly” meaning many and Latin word “amore” meaning love. Polyamory is the acceptance of the philosophy that people can have romantic love for more than one person at a time. Polyamorous relationship is a consensual romantic relationship of more than two people that are not exclusive with respect to sexual relationship.

Polyamory sometimes spelled as polyamoury is also known as open relationship and often referred to when speaking of the concept of abundant love. It embraces sexual orientation and sexual equality toward expanded circle of intimacy and love. This is an umbrella term that covers different forms of multiple romantic relationships.

The defining characteristics of polyamory are:
Honesty – being truthful about feelings, expectation and relationship.
Love – romantic love may not include sexual intimacy.
Ethics – polyamory is not cheating, everyone involved knows and supports the other relationship. They are usually friends with other partners or may even be involved with them too.

Polyamory is a personal choice, consciously choosing how many partners you want to be involved with; it’s more of philosophy to relationship than it is a practice. It’s an attitude of intentionally doing away with monogamous relationships. It can take many forms from dating multiple people with no intention of marrying anyone to multiple people living and sharing life together. Polyamory is not cheating, everyone involved knows everyone’s other relationships and supports it, usually knows or friends with other partners.

Benefits of Polyamory
1. Sex is beneficial to health – more than one romantic relationship means that you can have more sex than the average person. Sex improves blood pressure, lessens stress, burns calories, lift self-esteem, improves cardiac health, improves sleep and boost immunity.
2. Extended support network – polyamorous relationship gives you more people to lean on for support in times of crisis.
3. Deeper non-sexual friendships – forming close emotional relationship does not mean they have to be sexual. Polyamory allows you to develop deeper friendship without fear that your other partner will get jealous.
4. Stress relief – polyamory lessens stress because there are more people to help with day-to-day activities. Many hands lighten the work load and allow you to have more time to relax.
5. Increased individuality – being involved in polyamory make you base your identity on who you really are not by your partner’s identity.
6. General life satisfaction increases – having multiple relationships gives you more opportunity to pursue important things. Reaching life goals increases life satisfaction.
7. Less pressure on sex – polyamory lessens the pressure to have sex with your partner if you are not in the mood. You can always send your partner to another partner who is able and willing.
8. Psychological benefits of more love – polyamory allows you to love more than one person intimately, this increases the chances of belonging to a larger family and being loved more. This fulfills the need for love and helps the partners to be happier.
9. Sexual variety – multiple-partners gives the opportunity to explore different sexual interest with different partners. Polyamory allows you to have sexual fun in different ways.
10. New friendships – one of the benefits of polyamory is forming friendships with your partner’s new lover. Being inlove with the same person forms unusual bond between two people.