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Gabrielle Philippe is an androgynous bisexual polyamorist by day, and transgender male escort by night specialising in threesomes with married couples. S/he runs foreskin massage workshops for men and flirting workshops for uptight executive women.

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Japan’s Penis Festival Is Hard To Beat

The Japanese have always been a horny lot. Any nation which invents vending machines where pervy men can purchase soiled panties is in its own unique way pretty out there when it comes to in-there. Japanese women are sought after…

Indigenous STI/STD Rates Need Urgent Action

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Program was established at The Kirby Institute in 2007. The Program works collaboratively across sectors to close the gap in health disparity between Aboriginal Indigenous, Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous people, with a…

what's your junk costing you

What’s your Penis really costing you?

Junk. A man’s best friend or worst enemy? You may know from experience that when left to its own devices junk has a tendency to pile up, to take up valuable space. No matter the human cost for now, that is between…

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Paola Saulino: A Patriotic Promise

Donald Trump likes his countrymen and women to view him as a patriot, and here in Australia Peter Dutton also fancies himself as a saviour of the nation at every turn (-down of a refugee application). And yet these fine…

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Escorts Work vs Brothel Jobs: Which Is Better?

As the workforce becomes ever more flexible, with contract jobs now much more the norm and jobs-for-life disappearing even from the most barnacled-on government gigs, Australia’s worried workforce is faced with much more ominous working precariousness than ever before. Occasionally…

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Orgy Clubs: Tailored Executive Experiences For Couples

Are you burdened with a partner who is very uptight about sex? Maybe he or she is the sort of person who says that sex is sacred and yet while the sentimental value of only having sexual relations with one…

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Hot Girls Wanted: A Documentary Film Review

The porn industry certainly isn’t what it used to be. In fact, it’s safe to say that the porn industry has almost gone mainstream. I say almost, because you can’t access hardcore porn on Netflix or Stan or one of…

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How To Eat Pussy: A Gourmet Guide For Guys & Gals

Cunnilingus is a pleasure for both women and men, and for many it’s the highest sexual art there is … but how do you do it best? GABRIELLE PHILIPPE gets literarily lingual with this “how to eat pussy” guide … Get…

Gonorrhoea Warning

Gonorrhoea Warning: It May Soon Be Untreatable

Gonorrhoea warning: it may soon be untreatable. The Brits are facing a growing scourge of venereal disease in the form of Gonorrhoea, which is becoming increasingly antibiotic resistant. Britain’s chief medical officer, Dame Sally Davies, has written to GPs and…


Asian Brothels in Australia

Are you the possessor of occasional Asian female fantasies? Or are you an out-and-out obsessor, AKA a servant of yellow fever? Are you curious about how sexy oriental girls appear to be? Or have you succumbed to a mode of being…


Street Drugs and Erectile Dysfunction

Street drugs are a big factor in causing erectile dysfunction or impotence. Like alcohol, users may be convinced that it helps or increases the enjoyment of sexual intercourse, but in reality impairs sexual effectiveness. Street drugs that can cause erectile…

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My Playmate – A New Escorts Directory for Australia

In ancient Phoenician temples, women practiced prostitution in the service of religion believing that by this conduct they appeased the goddess and won her favour. It seems the prostitute goddess has found her followers once more here in the 21st…

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The World’s Oldest Profession – A History of Prostitution

Prostitution is widely referred to as the world’s oldest profession. Some say this is far from the truth but nevertheless, it may still be realized that prostitutes have been engaging in the oldest profession or trade the world has ever known….