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About Gabrielle Philippe

Gabrielle Philippe is an androgynous bisexual polyamorist by day, and transgender male escort by night specialising in threesomes with married couples. S/he runs foreskin massage workshops for men and flirting workshops for uptight executive women.
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Erotic Massage

What is Erotic Massage? Erotic massage is widely available in Sydney and other Australian cities and towns, and is generally aimed at the budget-conscious man seeking sexual relief usually provided by hand. Essentially there are four levels of sexual services…

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Sexual Health Clinics – What You Can Expect

Finding out if you have a sexually transmitted infection (STI) can be frightening and overwhelming. But there’s no need to feel embarrassed about going to a sexual health clinic. Here’s what to expect from a sexual health clinic on your…

New Gender Options on Facebook

50 New Gender Options on Facebook

The social media giant Facebook has made a major change with the addition of the new custom gender option, a feature with approximately 54 different gender identities. You no longer have to identify yourself only as male or female or…


Escorts and Australian Law: State by State

Escorts and Australian Law: State by State Laws governing prostitution vary across the states and territories in Australia. The only thing in common is the law against child prostitution. The legal age for sex worker is 18. Employing a person…