Sex Technology, Gadgets and Cybersex – Are We Having Fun Yet?

In this modern whirlwind paced world of ours where most things are to go or ordered online, do we still have time to be intimate?  With all the advanced sex technology, gadgets and cybersex – are we having fun yet?

Teledildonics also called cyberdildonics are supposedly the next big thing in a technology where the primary goal is to reach orgasm. These electronic stimulators are hooked on computers and smartphones to simulate actual human contact sans intimacy. It is nothing new; in fact the name itself was coined in the 70’s, the decade after the first pill came out. The time that the movie Sleeper was shown where gadgets like the orgasmatron are from.

“What are you wearing?” remember that question? Phone sex is now a thing of the past. Yes, sex technology too, evolves. The internet changed our sex culture. As cybersex and sexting would prove, we take advantage of what we have, while creating more gadgets and devise new ways to fulfill our sexual needs. Vibrators, dolls, his and hers toys – the new wave of teledildonics devices are remotely controlled sex toys that come in pairs wherein one toy moves and the other reacts. Some products are even sweeter because of the unpredictability. The sensors to manipulate speed and pressure are for the other participant. A controls B device and B controls A device. It is tailored best for cybersex of long-distance couples, best to have participants with the same level of eagerness, otherwise there could be overstimulation on one end and a sleeping partner on the other.

Looking at one website that sells these love toys, you would see such words as

  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • iPhone/iPad or Android phones supported
  • Bluetooth enabled

One would almost expect to see dishwasher safe on that menu. And just in case you are too shy to let anyone know you bought their product, some companies would even make your transaction appear innocuous, the bill appearing to be “XYZ Product”.

Billy Joel said it best, “There’s nothing better than good sex. But bad sex? A peanut butter and jelly sandwich is better than bad sex. “. Hence, the quest in finding the penultimate sex gadgets to reach the pinnacle of fulfillment.