Sexy Coffee Tables

When you think of living room furniture coffee tables usually come to mind soon after sofas. They are generally an essential piece of furniture in many living rooms and dens. Coffee tables are one of the top three first purchases when someone’s furnishing a home.  Centrally located in the seating area, their contents are often the focus on the room once everyone is seated. It serves as a convenient place for serving coffee or tea to visitors. Coffee tables are also an excellent means of providing a spot to set down a beverage and a book when relaxing in the room.

The coffee table is often called the centerpiece of the room. Most of the time coffee table is art in itself. A coffee table can elegantly show off a decorative centerpiece, or it can be put to use holding drinks, foods, remote controls and coffee table books.

One thing you might consider when  purchasing a coffee table is the height of the table. What you should consider is the reachability factor for guests. A table that is too short for a high sofa or chair may be a little uncomfortable for use. In general, you should choose a table that is no more than an inch or two lower than the seat of your sofa, to provide ease in reaching for the table, and placing drinks.

abu ghraib sexy coffee tables sleek

The sexiest coffee table in the world? The Abu Ghraib coffee table by Phillip Toledano is the kind of coffee table that’s once seen, never forgotten!

In the future as lounges and living rooms become ever-more a form of personal expression, coffee tables may take up a greater role as a form of creative expansion, even a genuinely sexy piece of furniture.  There is something increasingly sexy about contemporarily-shaped and styled coffee tables. For the ultra-chic urban hobo, sexy coffee tables may indeed become a breathtaking part of the living space; this piece of furniture is now accepted as a critical piece of furniture that sets the atmosphere of living area decor. Make your furniture not just a practical object but things that enhance the way you feel when you walk into a room. Surround yourself with beautiful and sensuous objects that can combine within a romantic and sensual atmosphere.

Color brings a significant impact to all furniture especially coffee tables. Color can create a positive aura.  Since coffee table is often used as a place to enjoy drink and meal with families and friends, then the homeowners must choose the right color that can bring atmosphere and mood up. The materials it can be made from include various hardwoods, leather, glass and different metals. Some contemporary coffee tables will have combinations of materials in their construction. With a little effort you are sure to find contemporary coffee tables that fit the decor you desire.

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