Brothel Busters/Sex Spies: The Best Job in the World?


There are a number of licensed brothels in Sydney, but it is no secret that illegal brothels also operate throughout this city. In fact, there are quite a number of illegal and unlicensed brothels pretending to be legit or regular massage parlours but are sex dens in actuality.

In an effort to shut down the operation of illegal brothels, NSW councils seek the help of investigators in gathering evidence to convince judges to close illegal brothels. It is an extraordinary approach of evidence gathering because to do this, a number of Sydney councils pay investigators to go undercover and visit suspected illegal brothels and have sex with prostitutes (many of which turn out to be illegal brothels indeed offering sexual services). And this is where the brothel busters or sex spies (yes, there is such a thing!) come in.

brothel buster job advertisement

The job advertisement for “Brothel Buster Investigator” placed by Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Group published in My Career.

Brothel busters are licensed undercover investigators who are ideally single or unmarried men paid by the council to have protected sex with prostitutes in order to collect evidence so they can shut down illegal brothels. In some cases, they appear in court and provide sworn evidence.

Essentially, sex spying is proving to be the best job in the world, at least for some middle-aged Sydney men. Since the Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Group in Sydney placed an ad for a Brothel Buster Investigator spot, a lot of Sydney hopefuls wasted no time in applying for the said position.

There’s no question this job is going to be a popular one. Men love sex, that’s a no brainer. Besides, who wouldn’t be interested in a position which involves participating in sexual services on behalf of the local council? It’s like being handed money to have sex with a hooker that’s approved by the state! Add to that the thrill of being a true blooded undercover operative catching suspected illegal brothels and proving their offenses. To top it all off, you get a $70k annual income! Now, isn’t that a bachelor’s dream job?

For anyone to go inside legal brothels in Sydney, they have to have enough money to burn. So, it is no surprise that this job posting got a lot of attention from Sydney male job seekers. Getting paid to have sex with prostitutes as a job, who’d be able to resist that? Men in this position would be the envy of other men. Ahh, the lucky ones…